• Movgen Sachets


    Movgen is a Nutraceutical supplement offering effective solution for joint and bone deterioration. lt is a combination of two natural source ingredients; Fish Collagen and Curcuma longa (Turmeric extract).


  • Carticare Plus Capsules

    • Decrease Joint pain.
    • Prevents Cartilage Damage.
    • Protects Tendons.
    • Improves stiffness & functionality.
    • Reduce Joints Inflammation.


  • Gebon Plus Tablets

    Gebon® Plus is a joint formula that features hyaluronic acid which helps strengthen cartilage and maintain normal joint cushioning, provides flexibility and lubrication for enhanced joint movement. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM support joint health and help ease joint tenderness and stiffness.

  • Gebon Tablets

    Gebon is a scientifically formulated preparation and a unique combination of herbal extracts and natural compounds. It strengthens and builds essential cartilage between bones and joints that provide cushioning needed for easy, painless movement and active living. Gebon also reduces the age-dependent risk of joint debilitation by inhibiting the breakdown of cartilages.


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