D-2000 Chewable Tablet


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  • Vitamin D3 (2000 IU) chewable tablets with orange flavour
  • Dietary supplement for bone, teeth, muscle and immune health
  • Also supports vitamin D3 deficiency

What is it prescribed for?

  • Nutritional SupplementationD-2000 tablet Chewable 800 IU 30’s is vital for the body and supplementation becomes necessary if it is not produced in adequate quantities by natural means.
  • OsteoporosisD-2000 tablet Chewable 800 IU 30’s is used to manage a deficiency condition where the bones tend to become brittle and weak. This deficiency may be due to age, menopause and hormonal changes, and even induced by other medicines.
  • HypoparathyroidismD-2000 tablet Chewable 800 IU 30’s is used to treat calcium deficiency caused by Parathyroid Hormone Deficiency
  • Vitamin D Resistant RicketsD-2000 tablet Chewable 800 IU 30’s is used treat Vitamin D Resistant Rickets by meeting the calcium requirements of the body.
  • Familial HypophosphatemiaD-2000 tablet Chewable 800 IU 30’s is used in Familial Hypophosphatemia to increase the level of phosphates in the blood.
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D-2000 Chewable Tablet


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